APS Architectural Design can prepare and manage tender submissions on your behalf.  

A successful tender process requires the adequate compilation of information for the Contractor to provide accurate costings for the proposal. Information prepared for the tender process must be accurate, concise and thorough as these documents will be referred to and shape the contractual process.

APS Architectural Design can prepare and organise the following information necessary for tender submissions:

  • A letter of invitation to tender
  • Detailed drawings
  • Pre- amble, preliminaries (including contract type) & schedule of works
  • Form of tender
  • Specification
  • Preconstruction information/ health and safety information
  • Surveys

APS will review all the tenders and check all the documents received, making sure all information requested is present and correct. A tender report will be put together and sent to the client with advice on which tender to accept.

Building specifications
Contract administration