Barn conversions

Stay true to the original design

APS has designed and produced specifications for many barn conversions. The basis for a well designed and constructed barn conversion is knowledge of construction materials and products best suited for the various elements contained within a barn conversion.

Barn conversions by APS Architecture in Cornwall

Modern architecture & sustainable design

Consider site context, site constraints and environmental conditions

Extending an existing property is an ideal opportunity to consider transforming the property as a whole, shifting the focal point, retaining positive existing elements whilst considering a modern and contemporary outlook.

APS modern architecture style design new build Padstow Rock Trevone Cornwall

Listed building extensions and renovations

Achieve an integral cohesive complete design

APS’s approach to listed building extensions and renovations is to primarily guide the client through the design process obtaining all the necessary consents required to satisfy the Local Planning Authority and Building Control. 

listed building extensions and renovations by APS artchitecture in Cornwall