The Local Planning Authority expects carefully considered design with integrity

APS’s approach to listed building extensions and renovations is to primarily guide the client through the design process obtaining all the necessary consents required to satisfy the Local Planning Authority and Building Control.

The Local Planning Authority expects carefully considered design with integrity, respecting the characteristics and traditional design of the original building. Conversion of an existing building will require minimal impact on the existing building externally and strong justification required to do so.

There are opportunities to extend listed buildings or convert and refurbish attached additions or buildings that reside within the curtilage of a listed building.

A decision has to be made whether to keep newly designed elements in strict accordance with the main property’s original design aesthetic or whether to offer an informed sensible contemporary take based on the existing traditional design.  APS Architectural Design has dealt with this situation and can help you achieve an integral cohesive complete design which will satisfy the Local Authority from inception to completion.

Andrew designed and managed restoration of a listed building 1707 which was complex and detailed taking more than 12 months working with heritage builders. We recommend Andrew for a similar project.

—David and Maggie Morris, Stannary House, Lostwithiel