APS Architectural Design has produced specifications to accompany tender submissions and subsequent building works to ensure quality of materials and workmanship.

A Building Specification is a document produced to be read alongside other documents such as drawings, schedules of work and quantities. Which may form a tender submission. They will list materials to be used, the standard to which they are manufactured, performance requirements and the method/standard to which they are fitted and/or constructed.

For example an entry in the building specification for strip foundations may include the following information:

  • Drawing reference to which the work relates
  • Type of foundation
  • Dimensions of the foundation
  • Method of excavation
  • Type of concrete
  • The British Standard
  • Type of reinforcement and it’s British Standard
  • Temperature range/climate for laying the concrete
  • Placement of the concrete
  • Time given for curing and method of protection

Schedule of works
Tender submissions